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he company manufactures cordless can openers

Cordless can openers are convenient tools for opening cans without manually holding it. Black & Decker is one of the leading and trusted can opener manufacturers.Can openers are kitchen tools used to open the lids of canned foods. It is very essential nowadays since most foods bought in the market today are stored in cans for a greater shelf life.Can openers are kitchen fixtures. In this day and age, it is unimaginable not to have one. And because of this high demand, there are a lot of companies competing in the market to produce quality can openers. One of the leading brands is Black & Decker.Black & Decker is better known for its top quality kitchen appliances and this includes can openers. The company manufactures cordless can openers. The idea is to just set the canned goods in place and let the can opener do the work for you. It prevents leaving cuts on your hands. It saves time also. You can do other kitchen work while the can is being opened for you.The KEC600 model of Black & Decker is one of their newest and most saleable can openers. It comes in a white finish. It is lightweight with a comfortable ergonomic grip.

It is also rechargeable and dishwasher safe. Its power-pierce cutter can open up to 30 cans per charge. Since it is cordless, KEC600 is good for small kitchens with very limited space. The unit is very easy to clean because the blade can easily be taken off for washing and be placed back after drying it thoroughly.KEC600 does not perform very well with thicker cans though, like coffee containers. It is very portable and suited for only light and easy jobs. Don't force it on thick and heavy materials or it might break.Another one is the Black & Decker Gizmo, also cordless and portable. It is easy to store and can be brought along in trips. A single charge is capable of opening about 30 cans. The cutter assembly is detachable and safe to clean in a dishwasher. It also comes with a magnetic lid holder and non-slip face.Gizmo features a power pierce cutter for precise cutting. It is also very easy to use. It stops automatically when the work is done.

Black & Decker Ergo has a black finishing. It features an ergonomic grip, is rechargeable and lightweight. The power pierce cutter automatically shuts off when done. The blades are removable and dishwasher safe.Many customers are pleased with the performance of Black & Decker can openers. It is no wonder that many users trust this brand.The Black & Decker Spacemaker can opener is very revolutionary. It is not only cordless, it is also unique in a sense that it is mounted under the cabinets or under the counters rather than made to sit atop tables. This is very space saving.The Spacemaker is very durable that it can open almost any kind of can. The blades are detachable for easy cleaning. Also, it is a hands-free machine with an auto-off button. You can go plastic pipe cutter Factory on with your other chores while it opens the can for you. The machine will automatically stop after it finishes.It also has built-in knife sharpeners and bottle openers as added features. The design is very elegant with metallic touches for a classy look.

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